Todays Website Service
Not Just Websites but Online Billboards & Brochures for Small Businesses

Websites, Monthly Management and Hosting

  • We will provide you with an Affordable, Effective and Hassle Free Website that will be viewable to the
    General Public with PC and Apple Computers, IPads, Tablets, and current handheld Smart Phones Communication Devices.
  • Your website will have a clear and easy navigation system.
  • We will create an XML Sitemap for Search Engines to utilize to access content on your website.
  • Free Website Submission of your Website and Sitemap into Google, Yahoo and Bing Search Engines, with this process your sitemap is entered into their indexing system.
  • A link to your email will be provided on your 'Contact' page and or on the bottom of every page on your website and or a "Contact Form"
  • We will routinely check your website for correct functionality.
  • As time progresses, we will make improvements as deemed fit, and notify you of any improvements we make.
  • Provide Enough Bandwith to enable more than 100,000 unique visitors a month to your website.

Additional Website Management & Services
These services below are an Extra Charge, still affordable, but Extra!

  • Manage your online advertising program with Google, Yahoo and Bing Ad Words Campaigns
  • Create Banner Ads reflective on your services coupled with your website branding.







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