Frequently Asked Questions
Common Questions with Simple Answers

How much will it cost to Build a Website for my Business?

Depending on the amount of work that will be required for the full job can only be determined after a phone consultation with you. Only after that will we be able to give you a complete honest estimate.

I need a website, what do I do first?

First things first, you are going to need a www.Domain Name. Regardless of your thoughts of having a website built for you immediately, or are not quite ready for a website at the moment, registering a domain name is something you should do right now. There are many domain name registration companies, we are affiliated and recommend Pops Website Service .

There are many TLD's, abbreviated for Top Level Domains. There is the common .com and .net, along with a wide variety of others. We recommend .com - .net - .us - .info & .org. We also recommend that if your business name is available in .com to also register it with the .net. Both .com and .net are the main TLD's used for businesses and are commonly known to consumers in the United States.

When registering your domain name, make sure to write down and not misplace your account number and password for future access. If you misplace this information, it is not the end of the world, you will have to call them and have your billing information available and they will email you your log in information.

Will my website be viewable in Search Engines?

We submit websites along with the XML sitemaps we create for each website we build into Google, MSN / Bing and Yahoo Search Engines. The process of being 'indexed' by each of these search engines can be anywhere from a matter of days to a few weeks. The amount of time it takes is beyond our control. Each Search Engine provides 'Paid Placement' with Pay Per Click Advertising if you need immediate placement, your Links will Appear in the Ad Section of each page.

Can a Banner be Created that I can use with my Craiglist Account?

Yes! We can design you a banner featuring your website, similar to a Newspaper Ad that will also carry the brand image that is displayed on your website. When a consumer wants more info, they can click on that banner ad and it will take them to your welcome page on your website, or any page within your website.
We also create moving banners that have images that change after a few seconds.

Can I Speak with Someone to ask some General Questions?

Yes!, call us right now! If we don't answer the phone, leave a brief message with a good time to call you back, or send us an email and let us know a good time to call and we'll give you a ring with ample time to talk and for us to answer your questions and give you a feel for who you are dealing with.

Who is Todays Website Service?

We are a small Mom and Pop company that builds, sells and manages websites. Prior to our website development venture which started back around 2002, we have had extensive experience in running and managing Small and Large Companies along with Branch Offices for sales of products and services.
We are real people who have hands on experience in dealing with real life business situations.

I want to sell products on the Internet, Do you Set up Online Retail Stores?

No, we currently do not set up online retail storefronts. Ecommerce websites are labor intensive and involve constant security checks. Setting up ecommerce websites are not affordable and hassle free. If you're on a budget and or just starting out, we would recommend that you set up a retail storefront on Ebay. Todays Website Service can build you a website that you can use to promote and showcase your products, then if a consumer would want to buy your product, they would click on a 'Buy Now' button that we would create and have it link directly to your Ebay 'Buy it Now' webpage that would be part of your Ebay Storefront.

I like to do things Myself, Can I build a Website?

Yes you can! That's exactly how Todays Website Service Started 10 years ago. There is a feature at Pops Website Service that allows you to build your own website using their software. Its a great way to get hands on experience to the basics of building a website at a very affordable monthly price. If you have the time and are adoptive to computer software programs, you can have a website up and running in a short period of time. For more information click here. It could be your first step of many, graduating to more complex software and graphics programs that are available today.

I have a Question that is not listed Here!

Have a question that isn't answered here? Just drop us an email and include your phone number if you want and we'll reply or give you a ring to answer your inquiry.




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